There are questions that every SaaS entrepreneur needs to answer for their sales process to build and scale up.

How to convert prospective customers into paying customers? How to convince them to register? How to convince them to use your products versus somebody else? There may be only few people coming to your website or many coming but not signing up.

You’d need to identify blockages in your customer acquisition funnel which may have a scaling issue or satisfaction problem. Usually, all sales...

Buzzfeed today generates millions of visitors every month, mostly led by their well-crafted and extremely powerful headlines. What content marketers have come to realize is that if they fail to generate a powerful and clickable headline for everything they write, any other marketing step they take after that will be effort down the drain.

In this article, I am going to share a step-by-step guide to craft powerful, attractive and clickable headlines, which will also be useful for your visitors. Th...

Facebook claims to have over 40 million pages of small businesses on its platform. While it does offer a plethora of advertising solutions for them to fit literally any kind of budget, one can not undermine the value of organic growth and reach. Given the shoe-string budgets, SMEs and individuals like you and me cannot afford to burn a ton of cash on running ads and promotions every single day.

Here are some tips on how you can boost the organic reach of your Facebook Page:

1. Publish timeless con...

'Almost everyone everywhere wants all the things they have heard about, seen, or experienced via the new technologies. The result is a new commercial reality—the emergence of global markets for standardized consumer products on a previously unimagined scale of magnitude'.

Over thirty years ago Harvard’s Theodore Levitt wrote this still very relevant sentence about the global expansion and demand for products worldwide.When it comes to building a global empire there is no 'one size fits all' polic...

Churn refers to the attrition rate of your customers. It basically means how many customers leave during a specific time period, which means how much revenue you lose. It is a critical KPI, right up there with the revenue.

During early stages of your startup, churn does not have a serious effect. 4% churn on a customer base of 100 means you are losing 4 customers every month. You can easily find 4 new customers to replace them. However, when you grow big and have, say a million customers, 4% chur...

SaaS is a whole different beast compare to the traditional businesses. Traditional metrics do not do justice and fail to capture the key data points that drive SaaS performance.

(Metrics presented below could be applied to any subscription based business.)

In SaaS and other recurring revenue businesses, the revenue is realized over an extended period of time. However, the investment for customer acquisition is upfront.

Let’s see what happens to negative cashflow when the business starts performing...

Many organizations face a difficult time in defining a compensation plan for sales people that aligns the interests of the company and the people. Even more so, when it’s a startup trying to work on subscription revenue model.

The basic objective of any sales compensation plan is to align the sales behavior with the company objectives. To get the best results, let’s find out what these objectives could be.

Prime objectives:

Winning new accounts.

Booking new recurring revenue.

Signing contracts for lo...

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