Around $3.88 bn was raised in token sales in 2017 and $1.2 bn has already been raised in the first two months of 2018. This is a good news for your ICO, but it also means that you are competing against hundreds of other startups vying for investors’ attention. The White Paper is your main pitch to the potential investors.

Remember that the marketplace is evolving fast, and ICO white papers from 4 years ago simply aren’t up to the standard that today’s investors are looking for. Be warned if you a...

Total ICO funding for 2017 surpassed $3 billion in October. With the number of ICO campaigns on the rise, the community is facing high competition for the attention of investors, which has started to reflect on the number of successfully funded ICOs. 66% of the ICOs in September 2017 missed their goal for different reasons. While some were maybe too ambitious, others lacked a good marketing campaign, or the team and product were not convincing. Early movers in the ICO space got lucky, raising mi...

Presentation is not about information. It’s about getting people engaged to care about what’s happening on screen. It’s about making people care about what you are conveying, your message and what you’re trying to sell them.

So, what you need is a deck that is tightly rehearsed and easy to deliver so that everyone that you pitch to, will get your message and ask you questions that are meaningful and relevant to the opportunity you are presenting them with.

A great presentation is undoubtedly more...

All right! You just pitched your venture successfully and raised the capital you needed to start. For all you first time founders this is unchartered territory. It is easy to get lost in the excitement of kickstarting your business by starting to hire and  building/developing prototypes, but it is very crucial to start acting like a business. You need to begin developing metrics to measure the health of your firm. It is time to track your sales , consumer and financial metrics to help strategica...

You have the idea for the next big thing that’ll revolutionize the world? Unless you are Jack Ma(the solo founder of China’s most valuable startup, Alibaba) you need to find company to help translate your vision into reality.

Any successful startup needs ‘a hacker, a hustler and a hipster’. Chan Chaiyochlarb, in an interesting article, shows some quick research he did to determine the number of cofounders in well known and successful startups, which came to 2.09. Now finding your 2.09 co-founders...

Mistakes in the pitch deck

1. Unrealistic growth projections

Founders know that any financial projection for early stage companies does not makes sense. There are too many variables, which make the projection inaccurate 99% of the time. However, this projection helps investors understand how you think about your business and what are the assumptions that need to hold true for you to grow fast. If you project a revenue growth that is completely out of sync with other startups in the industry, unles...


  • Use story to captivate

The aim of the pitch is to create interest and excitement in your audience. Weave an interesting story about your startup; don’t just list out the facts. The best way is to narrate a 3 minute story about what’s wrong, what the inevitable solution is, how your product is that solution and how your company is going to succeed.After this compelling story, you can expect your meeting to flow in a more conversational way.

  • Use one headline per slide, with one subhea...

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