business acceleration

  • Manage burn rate

  • Going global

  • Pricing strategies and decisions

  • Switch to SaaS model

  • Identify key metrics to measure and improve

  • Decision making and execution

revenue pathway

  • Identify profitable customers and get more like them

  • Leverage KPIs to drive and predict revenue

  • Diversifiy so you can absorb a major customer loss

  • Develop sales team and sales processes

  • Customize sales processes to your strengths and advantages

fund raising

  • Articulate company strategy with a business plan

  • Craft a compelling narrative

  • Build visual presentation that gets you funded

  • Craft gold standard White Paper for your ICO or Token launch

execution coaching

  • System for planning and tracking your long term strategic goals and short term tactical efforts

  • Implement best practices, overcome obstacles, address urgent matters, and determine next steps to reach your goals

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